Our services include:

Organic Waste Management

Currently, KSA offers few options for disposal of organics, outside of landfill.


While landfill fees are currently not an issue, we can expect this to change – with untapped income streams being 

addressed, for local and national government. 


AgriProtein will work with organic waste providers, to profitably convert what is currently a logistical and environmental problem, 

into a sustainable solution – which will benefit the Kingdom.  

agriprotein ksa Organic Waste Management
agriprotein ksa co2


AgriProtein KSA technology can be applied to manage waste streams that cannot, currently, be used to produce feed – 

providing safe, cost-effective disposal, and reducing health risks and environmental damage.

These streams include:

  • Faecal sludge
  • Municipal effluent from WWTW (wastewater treatment works)
  • MSW & farm waste
agriprotein ksa wastewater
agriprotein ksa MSW & farm waste